Monday, May 01, 2006

Shades of Gray

Don't check the color dial in your control panel, the pics here are as you see them - gray and colorless. Between all the black looks ominously marching down the runways and the ubiquitous bursts of color Pop Art style, it's hard not to make a color statement or lack there of these days. That's why it's wonderful to know some designers are going gray. For jeans that is. For some reason, blue denim just doesn't feel "now" like it used to. Your average Levis seem a bit tired, immature and almost messy. Gray denim on the otherhand feels instantly modern without being too obvious or polished.

Case in point. Sass and Bides sleet colored stovepipe jeans. The perfect modern cut, low-waisted pair is slim and sleek and provides automatic rocker status with the right vintage tee and stacked heel.

Next up, new denim cult label, J. Brand with their high-waisted, highly-fitted cigarette legs in a sultry sooty shade are staple of every hipster girl from LA to New York.

And last, good ol' Joes Jeans (for those less apt for skin-tight slacks) offers a cropped pencil leg in a heather gray, perfect for those warm summer evenings when dark denim just won't cut it.

Final Word: So what are you waiting for? Forget about coloring and let your grays show! All available at

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