Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Hump Day

It's Hump Day. You're tired, you're so over this week and the fact that there are still 2 whole more days until the weekend is almost too much to bear. Odds are, if you haven't gone out the last two nights, you're gonna need a little pick me up after work. Happy Hour will turn into Evening Hour will turn into Midnight Hour and you'll find yourself on West 27th Street on some line to get into some club with your inner angel telling you to go home while your inner demon screams, more, more, more.

I'm gonna say that the inner demon will win. So I might as well tell you where the hottest party on a Wednesday night is - Pink Elephant. A party of house, hip hop and the ragin' 80s classics, DJ Dave Berrie makes you forget it's a week night. Not to mention the packed house of models, music moguls and millionaires who will make you think you're one of them. And until that buzzer rings the next morning, you'll forget your worries, forget the week and dance the night away.

Final Word: Another reason to celebrate Hump Day: DJ Berrie Wednesdays at Pink Elephant, 527 W. 27th street. (


Anonymous said...

I went last wednesday - and DJ Berrie is excellent ;) I definitely recommend and great eye candy - oh and who doesn't love pink!!
xx IL

Rev. Butta love said...

I love blackout wednesdays