Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Mommy Dearest

Forget the potted plants and prix-fix brunches this Mother’s Day and get the lovely lady in your life something she’ll actually use.

Woman of a certain age tend to lose their eyesight. Shortly after, they tend to lose their glasses. This year, keep your mom on track and in style with La LOOP.

This New York-based accessories company invented the eyewear necklace category. Their “loop,” with patented 360-degree swivel hinges allows the glasses and the necklace to move as one. Therefore, when glasses are in the loop they do not twist, turn or fall.

All loops are sterling silver or vermeil with necklaces made from materials found all over the world. From white turquoise and pink opal to hand-hammered chains, La LOOP offers a complete jewelry collection as fabulous as it is functional.

Your mother, and her glasses, will be forever thankful.

Final Word: Available at Robert Marc stores throughout New York or

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Paul Kreiter said...

Lasik bro, lasik.
Where's the celebrity talk?