Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Yrusha: Francophile Style

When it comes to fashion, the French just do it better. This, we already know. To further support this absolute truth I introduce to you, Yrusha. This chic collection of “understated couture” comes to us from sisters Vanessa Moyal and Stephanie Berdah.

Already established in the City of Lights and other European capitals, the collection cites boho-glam goddesses Vanessa Paradis and Sienna Miller (yes, she’s making a comeback) amongst their flock of fashionable followers.

In cruising through their lookbook I literally fell in love with everything. Not only the collection, but the styling, the model, the details…these girls know how to turn it out. Having said that, I’ll let the images speak for themselves:

Final Word: Stateside distribution is exclusive to Intermix for Spring 09, available in NYC, LA and Miami only. So hop on those pre-orders, you know the digits. If not, click here.

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