Friday, February 13, 2009

Nailed to It

The New York Times featured an article this week titled “Let the Chips Fall Where they May.” The angle? How your manicures, and the nail business as a whole, will suffer due to the Recession. There were a few kill-yourself quotes in there like “when my nails are good, all is good in the world” coming from the senior events manager at none other than The Economist.

Now, you may know how we feel about the NYT tackling these types of topics. Although it’s technically a business story, it appears in the Style section and they attempt to deliver it with, well, style, but the result is severely lacking.

Where I have utmost respect for the paper (I’m actually loyal to the online version), they should stay away from these types of stories, much like I stay away from discussing the subprime mortgage market or Rwandan rebels.

Having said that, I feel entirely equipped to wax philosophical on the topic of manicures in a Recession.

The way I see it, we live in New York. There’s a $10 manicure on every corner and if you do your research you’ll find one that’s actually good. My go-to on 26th & 6th, which I believe is called NAILS, costs me $9.50 and doesn’t chip for a solid 5-7 days. I mean…if that’s not a bargain then I’m not sure what is.

Getting your nails did gives you that little extra pop in your step. That little extra fine tuning of your look. And whether you're Wicked, Winey Tiney, Ballet Slippers or French (ouch!), your nail selection is a subtle extension of your style. And for basically a dollar a day, should we really forgo that? Wow, I feel like Sally Struthers without the fly-face kids.

Final Word: Times are tough, but I can still afford a $10 manicure every 7-10 days and I imagine so can you. Don’t worry NAILS, you can count on me for biz. Especially with this new “Lacquered Up,” LOVE!

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s. said...

I agree. After I left NYC I went through an excruciating mani-pedi withdrawal. Sadly, in most other cities, it costs a lot more and the quality work just isn't there with the cheapies. *sigh*