Thursday, February 26, 2009

Lo for Linds

These are new images of Lindsay Lohan taken by Hedi Slimane. As we all know, LiLo is the subject of constant criticism. For her weight, for her antics, for her complete non-existence of a youthful glow…but there is one thing we can never criticize about this girl, and that’s the fact that she pretty much has the world’s greatest rack.

She is the only girl I know (and by know I mean don’t know) who can go from happy and healthy to painstakingly emaciated without tailoring a cup size. In her early days, this sparked implant speculation, but we’ve since determined that is simply not the case. She’s just been blessed with the world’s most bountiful bust (and by blessed I mean that’s really the only thing she has going for her right now).While the images are artful and actually kind of hot, it’s still pretty tragic that she has to constantly objectify herself to maintain any type of spotlight outside the tabloid media. We all remember the Marilyn Monroe/New York mag stunt.

Lindsay’s actually a talented comedic actress with a strong likability. She was once America’s young, freckle-faced sweetheart! My, how times have changed.

Final Word: Ditch SaMAN, eat a pizza, call Tina Fey, and for Christ’s sake, keep your top on. We already envy your cleavage, time to show us what else you got.

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s. said...

Couldn't have said it better myself. I'm still rootin' for her, but worry she's a lost cause...