Thursday, February 12, 2009

Polarizing Paltrow

Why do people hate Gwenyth Paltrow? Poor Ms. Paltrow has been in the news more than ever, not so much because of her new movie "2 Lovers" with Joaquin Phoenix, but because of her blog. Yes, for those of you who don't know, the former fiancee of Mr. Jolie has a blog. GOOP, as it is called, offers "personal" musings from Gwennie ranging from which detox fast she prefers (blueberry shakes with soy-marinated chicken) to which brand of faded gray tee she prefers (The Row) and has been a target of hate-mongers from the New York Post to New York magazine.

Here at the Blackberrie, we've been GOOP subscribers for weeks. Not counting how odd it is the normally holier-than-thou actress has a blog, we actually like it. Sorry! I mean, who doesn't want to know how she got those killer legs to rock those Stella and Balmain minis or which Rag & Bone tights she wears to take Apple to Hyde Park? We do!

The truth is, no matter how much you want to hate her, you want to know her secrets more. Just like you want to know where Sienna got her skinny jeans, just like you want to know which collection of Balenciaga Mary Kate's booties are from, we all want to know- they just never tell us...until now.  

But maybe we shouldn't even be surprised. Recently, at a party my brother threw, when I was expressing my shock to a friend that GP even had a blog, not to mention she is now launching a line of gyms with friend/guru Tracey Anderson, he knowingly retorted, "Why! She's just like one of us. She's a spoiled kid from New York with nothing to do. I mean, she went to Spence!" Huh. Point taken.

Final Word: Not counting the horrendous outfit above (Really Gwenyie? Really?), we ask the media to get off their high horse and stop hating so she can share more of her celeb-endorsed secrets...til then, soy sauced chicken for everyone.

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