Thursday, February 05, 2009

Catch Phrases

Here at the Blackberrie, we've decided to implement a new "column" that dutifully notes new catch phrases of the zeitgeist. Since recession has kicked in, we've noticed people are little more witty with their words, which has led to quirky quips like "I die" or "J'adorable" (Thank you Rachel Zoe) Perhaps I'm just taking more notice of colloquialisms than clothing but these idioms have achieved such cult-status that it's no longer about the it-bag or it-shoe, it's about the it-phrase! Here are two of this week's favorites:

1. "Bean Up"
What: To get your daily dose of java
Where: Time Out, February 5-11 2009
How: "I'm headed over to Gorilla Coffee, it's where I bean up--they roast their beans strong."

2. "Magazining"
What: To browse through magazines with friends for inspiration
Where: New York Times, February 4, 2009
How: "She explained a pastime she calls 'magazining'- sitting on the couch with her friends and 'traveling' through the pages of Domino."

Final Word: Words are free, words are fun, and words are unlimited. We're looking forward to more catch phrases this year, post your new and noteworthy ones in our comments!

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