Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Monotony at The Times

I’m starting to grow tired of Cathy Horyn’s endless disappointment with the collections. After the bold statement in the Times yesterday on London Fashion Week (“…no single first-rate talent has emerged,”) I’m beginning to wonder if anything will knock the couture socks off Ms. Horyn’s privileged feet save designers dressing models in car parts, larded in oil and wheeling them out onto the runway on unicycles. Not sure why that image, but I guess that would be unexpected.

On Christopher Kane, the fashion industry’s darling du jour, she says: “he is too mindful of his fashion references (Azzedine Alaia).” Sure his designs are inspired by a predecessor, but when was the last time girls got excited about flaunting their curves in tight-fitted bodices with enough confidence in one dress to single-handedly put Hilary in office? Especially since Mr. Kane is not creating carbon copies- his point of view is fresh, young and yes Alaia-inspired but since when has remixing fashion become a crime or been considered tired?

Final Word: I do respect the opinion of Times’ fashion writer; in fact I sometimes model my work on her usual hard critiques. But after a while one must wonder if she is just doling out personal taste rather than viewing the clothes with an objective eye. After all, what is true fashion if not a tool to challenge your own style limitations?

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