Thursday, February 01, 2007

Blackberrie on TV!

We’re proud to announce that one of The Blackberrie’s founders/co-writers Eazy-E (also style editor of Florida International Magazine) will be featured on CBS’s The Early Show on Friday, February 2 at 8:17 a.m. co-hosting a live segment showing the hottest trends in swimwear and fashion for Spring! The segment is part of CBS’s Miami coverage of Super Bowl XLI so all you fashionable jet-setters will have something to wear to Dophin Stadium.

But no need to fret, one need not squander Jet Blue points to take advantage of Spring’s sporty trends. Here are our top 3 looks for Spring that embody the Super Bowl spirit while hitting on arguably the most important trend of the season- athletic chic.

Marni was at the forefront of the collections showing simple belted shifts over Adidas-style leggings and cat suits shown under tent dresses. Be sure to accessorize with bold bangles and even bolder platforms to avoid looking like you came to dinner directly from your Powerstrike class. Deodorant never hurt anyone either.

Albert Elbaz of Lanvin brought a touch of luxury to the sporty look creating cocktail dresses that recalled real scuba suits- only instead of neoprene he used sumptuous materials such as satin and leather. The strongest point was the racerback tank dress- a must-have for every girl’s Spring wardrobe.

Finally, newcomer Maria Cornjeo of Zero by Maria Cornjeo made smart cuts her signature working with architectural silhouettes, a dusty color palette and asymmetrical necklines, perfect for a post-ballet workout, or happy hour at Beatrice Inn.

Final Word: It’s true, sports are universal. While your male compatriots will be content slugging beer and devouring wings, you can enjoy the game to, by wearing it. For those of you who will be in the City of Vision and Vice this weekend, you may want to hit up Mansion Sunday night for P-Diddy’s party with DJ Berrie on the wheels of steel…we’ll be there.

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