Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Doucette Duval Makes their Mark

Stephanie Doucette and Annabet Duvall are the epitome of girls‚ girls. The moment I walked onto the 8th floor of the ever-eccentric Chelsea Hotel, I was greeted by a giddy energy of a slumber party. After getting a goody bag of organic cookies and hairspray, I was guided into a petite pink suite where the designer duo was gabbing with society girl Annabel Tollman and sipping what appeared to be tea (It was Maker's Mark.)

The collection oozed the same deliberate nonchalance, radiating Courtney Love‚s punk rebellion and Sandra Dee‚s 1950s lady-like femininity. Indeed, Grease Lightening seemed to be a big reference with strong retro glam connotations- after all, these girls‚ first love was vintage couture (They launched their label on Valentine's Day!).

The rockabilly theme remained consistent in the form of nubby tweed car coats of fine Italian wool, frilly taffeta frocks and sweet sundresses all styled with brightly colored knee socks. But perhaps the most memorable was the unique optimism of the entire collection, a rare trait when other young contemporaries feign austere self-doubt.

Final Word: These girls have officially arrived. Look out for their new collection at select Intermix!


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Rafe Totengco said...

who doesn't love a little Sandra Dee sweetness infused with a bit of punk Courtney Love. sounds like a dream.