Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Stella's Still Keepin' Busy

We’re huge Stella McCartney fans so don’t take this the wrong way, but Stella for H&M, Stella for Adidas, and now Stella for LeSportsac….she really pimps it!

To her credit, all of her collaborations have been both creatively and commercially successful, so we can understand why she keeps cranking them out.

Today Stella debuted her limited-edition 17-piece collection for LeSportsac, styles include camera and computer cases, hobos and 26” check-in luggage, just to name a few.

As expected from the socially and environmentally-responsible designer, the entire line is “eco-friendly’—all fabrics, hangtags and packaging are created from 100% recycled materials.

"Stella designed this with her lifestyle in mind, so these are really the items that she and her friends would carry when they travel," says a spokeswoman for LeSportsac.

Final Word: Prices range from $98-$475, styles hit stores in January.

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