Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Into the Wild

People tend to get polarized when it comes to fur. To wear, or not to wear- that seems to be the question. But these days it’s getting easier and easier to go Grey Gardens glam without becoming Cruella Deville.

Case in point, monkey fur. I must say I’m enamored with this savage trend that has been popping up on groovy young things from LA to London. I find the wild child look simultaneously badass and super-chic, especially paired with opaque tights and a black miniskirt, a la Kate Bosworth at, where else, the Fendi show in China against the backdrop of the Great Wall, yes, that Great Wall.

To cement this obsession, I even ordered a faux version for a mere 30 pounds on (my secret weapon when it comes to all things trendy). I must admit, I’m a bit apprehensive on whether I’ll end up resembling perennial trendsetter Kate Moss, or more like a Maltese that spent one too many days traipsing about a dirty city block. But what is fashion if it means not taking risks!

Final Word: In today’s modern world of endless synthetic choices, it’s silly to sacrifice another being in the name of something so frivolous as fashion, but if no animals were hurt in the process- long live frivolity!

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