Monday, October 29, 2007

Mama's Got Brand New...Booty Shorts?

There used to be a time when mothers were known as the ultimate nurturers, beacons of light to look up to for comfort and appropriate decorum. But today, in a world where Dina Lohans, Lynn Spears and Kathy Hiltons run rampant (and get a solid chunk in this month's Vanity Fair), where is the point of reference?

It seems this lack of sophistication has trickled down to (gasp) the upper echelon of New York society where ladies of a certain age feel they can partake in the gutter-glam revelry as well. Not one to forego fashion for formality, we understand these comfortable cougars must make their style statement, but at least it used to be in good taste (Read: Bill Blass, not T-Bags.)

Here social butterfly Helen Schifter personifes the trend to a tee. Even the chic combination of navy and black is undercut by the so-tight-it-makes-me-feel-uncomfortably-violated bicycle shorts and thigh highs socks. What could she have been thinking, one might ask? If sexy was the look, why not go for a chic and faddish pantsuit a la my own mother at a recent benefit, who looked pert and sophisticated in a silk Chloe number and a deftly styled Oscar de la Renta blazer hung over her shoulders.

Perhaps it's a matter of taste or simply a reflection of our growingly garish culture. Still, although we are loathe to the concept of Fashion Police, after all, I've owned quite a few ensembles found on the latter pages of US Weekly, this crime is simply not debatable.

Final Word: Mothers around the world, please step your game up at least for your daughters' sake...or take a cue from mine a get yourself a Chloe pantsuit.

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