Thursday, October 18, 2007

Someone Call a (Real) Doctor

We were super excited for the October 30th return of Nip/Tuck, until we saw this.

Poor Joley Richardson. She was never my favorite, but I wouldn’t wish this Rachel Zoe make-under on even my worst enemies.

I’m sure those clever N/T writers will have no trouble working her emaciated frame into the script. They’ll just blame the weight loss on her character’s depression caused by giving birth to a lobster-child, having sex with a midget, and finding out that her husband slept with the now dead “Hand That Rocks the Cradle” nanny.

But with McNamara/Troy relocating to LA, we were hoping to not see much of her character anyway. And look, now she’s invisible!

We wish Joley a speedy recovering from whatever it is she’s suffering from. And who are we kidding? We’re still counting the moments until Sean and Christian return to our living room.

Final Word: Nip/Tuck premiers October 30th on FX.

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