Thursday, September 28, 2006

Couple Du Jour?

Are these two dating?? We don't know, but what we DO know is that they look like an incredibly chic couple. Clad in Chanel, Miss King exudes bubbles over with laughter in her prarie chic outfit and a touch of comic relief in the form of a large black bow. Her other beau, Jason Schwartzman looks incredibly grown up and sophisticated in a slate gray Dior Homme suit and mature scruff to match.

Final Word: Whether they're the new un-it couple or not, I'm just loving this photo because it's so fresh, so happy and so sweet. Young Hollywood couples should take a cue from these two- this is how you should look- smart, sophisticated and completely in love.

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Rafe said...

I agree. This is a great photo, full of optimism and promise, so sweet and almost naive. Nice shot!