Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Fashion Fan Mail

Dear Jenni,

Please excuse me if this sounds rude, but who are you Miss Kayne? Are you the new it-girl/designer who has burst onto the scene out of thin air with your much-talked-about wedding covered in WWD chockfull of celebs like Anthony Keidis, Lindsay Lohan and the Olsen twins all wearing your designer duds? Or, are you that random girl from LA that sucked down cigarettes with me in the smoking room of our freshman dorm Warren Towers at Boston University and lasted only a semester (if that) and then mysteriously disappearing without a trace? Hmmmm….I’m gonna go with the smoking room girl.

To be honest, I barely remember you amidst the freshman haze of beer and teenage angst, but I think you used to be a bottled blond. Well, I think being a brunette agrees with you and so does fame. Who knew that all that tar and nicotine was actually fueling a genius at work? I first saw your clothes at Intermix in Bal Harbour, the name lingering in my head sounding oddly familiar, but I could not place it. I have to admit, your stuff is cute, on-point trendy with bell skirts, jumpers and baby-doll what-nots. But to open at The Tents in Bryant Park your first go round? I didn’t even know you were a designer!

But good for you. The show was an apparent a hit, your references to the 80s rock, 30s film noir and 70s boho chic did not go unnoticed. Even if the line is a bit Anna Sui meets Peter Som meets Prouenza Schouler in as literal a way possible, I applaud you for showing that we twenty-somethings of Generation Y can really make it, and if we’re lucky, successfully shop our wedding pictures to industry trade publications around the world.

With the Warmest Regards,
Your Smoking Buddy From Warren Towers

PS (Final Word): I definitely plan on purchasing a shrunken leather jacket for next spring, perhaps in one of your inspiring candy-colored hues. Thanks for the tip!

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