Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Kate The Great

The September issue of Vanity Fair had one of season’s most enticing covers. A nude Kate Moss appeared, seated strategically behind angled limbs, patent leather knee boots and long white gloves.

Glossy pale lids. Blood red lips. Face framed by a Michael Kors white fox hat.

It was the magazine’s interpretation of Moss as Marlene Dietrich’s Catherine the Great from the 1934 film The Scarlet Empress.

Kate the Great, they labeled her in the spread. The article’s author, A.A. Gill elaborated on the theme.

The piece was written in true Moss style. No actual quotes from the model, just long-winded interpretations and admirations, all decided from a distance.

She always kept quite mum, it said. And that—in a large part—was the genius behind her public persona. She never wanted to be an actress, a singer or a diva. She never thought she was a poet or said she was a role model.

She was simply a fashion model. And by way of career choice, happened to become the most internationally recognized icon of style and beauty.

The piece was called “The Silent Beauty” and the title could not have been more fitting. We love to love Kate Moss for exactly what she is. A beautiful enigma with impeccable style. Admired only from a distance.

Well, Kate Moss is about to become slightly more accessible. At least her sense of style.

It was recently released that Moss will foray into design, creating a capsule collection for Brit fave (actually, mine too), TopShop. The line will debut next spring and I can only imagine it will be wildly more successful than Naomi Campbell for Rosa Cha or Kathy Ireland for K-Mart (ouch).

And although supermodels have a tendency to fall short with new career moves (honestly Tyra, you need to relax) Kate Moss for TopShop will be an unrivaled success. The Brits have not had an export this strong since The Beatles.

Final Word: Kate, we love you as “The Silent Beauty.” But you have once again chosen wisely. Kate Moss for TopShop is reason enough for me to cross the pond. But thanks to New York’s Opening Ceremony, I won’t have too.


Rafe said...

I can't wait to see what she does for TopShop. I already love Topshop so their collaboration could me amazing. I see a feeding frenzy happening. Do you know anyone who isn't influenced by Kate Moss' personal style? Love, love, love!

Anonymous said...

i love kate moss and everything, but i realy don't see how the clothes she designs are going to be any good
she hasn't had any experience as a designer, but i guess everyone wants to wear what kate moss wears so everyone will make a lot of money, be happy etc.
the head designer of topshopm (who fished it out of the tacky high street bog) quit because of kate moss designing for it. lets see how well it does without her