Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Rebel With A Cause

Black nail polish. You’ve seen it on Lindsay, Fergie and Mischa. They’re all doing it. I’m not saying that I’m inspired by these Rachel Zoe zombettes but I am intrigued.

Not since Chanel introduced “Vamp” in the mid-90s have we seen such frenzy over nails. I thought we were destined for a life of Sugar Daddy, Limo-Scene and Adore-a-Ball tips until the beauty gods threw us a curve ball with not chocolate, not espresso but black as night nail polish.

What comes to mind when one mentions the shade? Marilyn Manson, Pat Benatar, the Ramones…and Lindsay Lohan? In the past this non-color was limited to the goth and punk sets, trumpeting their rebellious selves with an ironic nod to vanity in a dark and demonic way. How sweet. Yet today, to devilish delinquents’ dismay, fashionistas around the globe are taking over the domain of rebels without a cause, stalking their local Ricky’s for a bottle of the coveted hue. Even Chanel has released an ultra-luxe version of the ultra-punk phenomenon called Black Satin (your local nail salon should have the Essie counterpart “Licorice”. And Mr. Lagerfeld is never wrong. (As much as I love the Olsen twins – they are “frumpy”.)

Personally, I just love the look of the ebony nails paired with a vintage lace dress or a schoolgirl-inspired jumper. The contrast of the sweet and the viscous is so ultra-modern, it’s irresistible.

Final Word: This weekend, I test-drove the fad myself and felt as equal parts rock star and Chanel ingénue, all the while feeling like a rebel with the greatest cause of all- fashion.

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