Thursday, October 05, 2006

Beyond Dazed, Now Totally Confused

In her teens Milla Jovovich was a stunning model. In her twenties, she became a bad actress. Now, in her thirties, she’s an awful designer.

It was released today that Jovovich—who apparently is a co-founder of the contemporary sportswear line Jovovich-Hawk (points for creativity on the moniker)—has collaborated with Habitual to create a capsule denim collection debuting in this spring.

Her inspiration? None other than Dazed and Confused, the only movie we ever liked her in (NOTE: she did not utter one word). Actually “inspiration” is a rather letting term. In all reality, she completely bit her character’s wardrobe.

With Jovovich-Hawk for Habitual’s high-waisted, flared-legged jeans and shrunken denim vests, you can practically see Jovovich’s character lounging next to a lava lamp with that hottie boyfriend of her’s. Whatever happened to THAT guy, btw?

What’s next? A swimwear line a la Return to the Blue Lagoon? I seriously hope not.

Final Word: Quit while you're ahead, Milla. Oh wait, that was 15 years ago. Now, just quit.


Anonymous said...

"Contemporary sportswear"? Um...sorry but you are very mistaken. None of her clothes are sportwear in any shape or form. It's all casual wear.

Oh and she did talk in D&C, in fact she actually sang a little bit.

Guess you people can't be right all the time.

DMoney said...

the "contemporary sportwear" label came from WWD, so i guess they're not right all the time, but i'll take the criticism

and if she did utter a word in dazed, it was hardly memorable

turn's out we've got a milla fan in the house!!

are you an model-turned-actress-turned-designer, too?!?!

Anonymous said...

the truth be known, miss j only uttered a hyena laugh with her hot stoner boyfriend when they were chilling at this house after school smoking a joint. and she also let out some moaning to what may be considered "singing" at the party...but show me where she "talks" in "D&C". seriously, show me. cause it didnt happen.

AIR RAID! said...

if you guys are talking about dazed, can somebody PLEASE bring up my girl Parker Posey, now there's a post you ladies need to write.....she's the bomb, you little freshman bitches

Anonymous said...

dmoney, I guess checking the official site for the clothing line was a little too difficult so you just went by what another site said. I guess if I was lazy I could understand your inability to look something up before you comment on it but I'm not, sorry.

To the person that wants me to show them that Milla's character Michelle talks in the film (not a lot).

Sorry to disprove you as well.

Check it yourself. And the song she sings, Alien Song, it's actually a pretty good song. And it's her own song aswell.

DMoney said...

hey "anonymous," you have beyond too much time on your hands, but i must say, i find your enthusiusm to critique and disprove us rather flattering.....

and just for the record, this is a BLOG not a thesis paper with footnotes, therefore, i'll continue to make factual mistakes and embrace them, as well as the people who find it neccesary to point them out

hope you keep reading, wink ;)

Milla Jovovich said...

wuhooo! nice post here.. :)

Celebrity Wallpaper

Anonymous said...

she did talk in dazed and confused when they were in her boyfriends bedroom and his dad knocked on the door she told slater "get rid of it" oooooh lol

Jacky Star said...

I think you're being a bit harsh. I like the line, and yes the jeans are very reminiscent of her character in D&C but I still like those as well. Maybe it's just me, but I like the hippie style, and if you read ahead most fashion mags agree with me.