Thursday, September 14, 2006

Hit Parade

I am LOVING the new Prouenza Schouler Spring 07 line. At first glance, it seems they're doing the same old thing- young, urban chic with razor-sharp lines. But look closely and you'll see they're pioneering the way girls will dress for next season.

My fave look of the collection? The skin-tight minis with leather bomber jackets. Hot. They evoke the hard-ass mentality of the 80s but the pastel and muted colors bring a softness which completely modernizes the look. Harking back to the Alaia days when the female form reigned, the Prouenza boys are not afraid to make a girl look sexy. Thank god, because as much as I love roomy garments, these ubiquitous tent dresses are not for me. I thought I'd never say it, but I'm almost sick of babydolls. Well, almost.

Even covergirl for Another Magazine Kirsten Dunst rocked the look a season early like any it-girl would do at the launch party in Milk Studios. She's so ahead of the game. Love her.

Final Word: With so much to see this week, it's hard to soak it all up! At least I know that 1 dynamic duo is taking us in the right direction.


S said...

love love love Prouenza Schouler! so chic, yet very wearable.

Rafe said...

Wow, this is so Azzedine or Herve Leger from the not so distant 80's.