Monday, May 07, 2007

Remembering A True Style Icon

Today we lost one of fashion's modern day muses- Isabella Blow. The former fashion director of UK's Tatler magazine was part of a dying breed of style trailblazers who strut to a different drum, enamoring everyone who were graced by her presence - and her hats.

Her iconic Philip Treacy headpieces from a vibrant feathered headdress to Warhol's Marilyn Monroe atop her ever-short dark bob were endless inspiration to fashion magazines, designers and Plain Janes round the globe. Rarely without her perfected public persona, Mademoiselle Blow, a front-row regular, taught us that we need not be reed thin carbon copies of straightened hair, tanned legs and styled-outfits (albeit with zero personal style) and that individuality is not only a virtue, but a trait of true beauty.

Final Word: We will miss Isabella's wit, vision and most of all her endless collection of chapeaus...she truly was one of a kind, and these days, that's hard to find.


DMoney said...

Isabella Blow posessed something often too rare in the fashion industry: a sense of humor.

I remember reading a spread in Tatler titled "Nipples in Rome," which is exactly what it sounds like; topless girls taking over various parts of the ancient city.

It was tasteful, fashionable and dare I say, funny. Something that would never, could never, appear in an American fashion mag.

She will be missed.

Rafe Totengco said...

it's so sad, who will champion new designers like she did?