Monday, May 21, 2007

Goot Taste

Oh Target, will your style scouts ever cease to amaze? The latest endeavor of the mass retailer turned indie designer advocate is its Australian cousin’s collaboration with fellow Aussie and new it-couturier Josh Goot. This summer the superstore down under will feature a capsule collection by Mr. Goot.

Already an industry darling, Goot’s fall collection revealed the future of fashion, or something like it- slim-fitting blazers, narrow tunics and skinny pants, so skinny, you would mistaken them for leggings. Textures ranged from dark jersey, metallic brocade and gunmetal wool. (Helmut Lang anyone?)

The designer’s sleek silhouettes, laser cuts, and somber attitude make him an easy target for fall’s sophisticated, wearable tone.

Final Word: For those of us who can’t make it to the Southern Hemisphere (Read: everyone.), we’ll have to settle for his signature line available at Alchemist in Miami (Open Fall 2007) on Lincoln Road.

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