Monday, May 14, 2007

Color Me Bad

I have to admit when I first saw the color block trend surfacing on Spring 07 runways, I glossed over it, more keen on the flirty frocks of Erin Fetherson and Anna Sui. These frothy concoctions are familiar, easy, if even a bit mundane, while the former supplied by the likes of Emanuel Ungaro, D-Squared and Costume National (see images) were harsher to the eye, scandalous and extremely daunting. But after some consideration and a little help from my fearless fashion friends, I’m ready to change my color palette.

This weekend in Miami, I learned half way does not count with this look- a lady must rock her rainbow to the fullest with equally brilliant accessories like my girl Hope did with a pair of vibrant violet platforms by new it-shoe architect Brian Atwood (Available at Intermix).

So, with high color theory in mind, each of us took our hues to the streets. One in a zig-zagged Missoni shift with neon pink Manolos; one in an electric blue Yigal dress; and me in a sunny yellow Thread number with sun ray pleats. The Crayola kids meets NYC girls- a scary yet potent combo. Granted we got plenty of stares looking like a bag of Skittles strutting down Collins, but it was fierce.

Final Word: Beware- rocking the RGB is not easy- it requires meticulous thought in accessory pairings, restraint in multiple colors and wise choice in the appropriate hue- after all, you don’t want to be described as “neon vomit,” an apt term coined by the ever-genius Blue States Lose…chromatic regurgitation is never a pretty look.

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Rafe Totengco said...

I'm so happy color is back in a big way. Love, love, love color on anything. Just makes me happy and perks up any outfit. Brian makes some really kick ass shoes for sure.