Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Trend Alert! Return of the Flare???

We don’t normally document the everyday wardrobe choices of celebrities; plenty of other websites do such frivolity just fine. But it is our undeniable duty to announce when a trend so dear to our hearts has reappeared on the stems of tabloid princesses Lindsay, Ashley and Nicole in the span of one week.

Yes, these scandalous starlets have given up their skinny silhouettes and have emerged wearing not Superfines, not J Brands, not even Sass and Bides but (gasp) flared jeans!!! Did they discover these bygone blues under the heap of their (stylists’) bottomless closets? I for one sold my mounds of Mudds, Sevens and True Religions on Ebay years ago. Yes I owned Mudds. Or even more bewildering, did they actually purchase these in a modern day retail store?

From wherever these bell-bottoms have arisen, they are unmistakably here for all brilliant paprazzi flashbulbs to behold. And I have to admit, I’m intrigued. I didn’t think I was ready to give up my sea of skinny jeans, but perhaps I’m ready for a change.

Take note- if you dare to bring boot cuts back, think glam hippie. None of these modern day muses opted for low-rise mishaps a la 90s Britney. The look is reimagined in a slouchy fit with simple tops, platform shoes and a statement bag. But most important is attitude- chic nonchalance is a must to pull off the flared leg.

Final Word: Perhaps we underestimated the power of Rachel Zoe and without her sorceress stylist powers Miss Richie is truly lost. Perhaps this is simply a sartorial smack on fashion lemmings worldwide. Or perhaps these it-girls are onto something ingenious. Either way I’m into it. Now if only I could find that pair of Paris Blues…

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Anonymous said...

to every action there is an equal and opposite reaction

that is exactly why my j-brand clunching-self held onto my wide-legged juicy (yes juicy!) flares a la '03

i am not ready to bust them out JUST yet, but in due time, due time.....