Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Another Post, Another Year...

An email from one B-berrie to another, we thought we'd share our New Year's with you...

Dear N-Bizzle,

Currently, I am sitting by eazy-e's pool by myself (not that I am complaining its actually quite lovely, perfect day) but I thought I would take the time to tell you what you have missed.

New year's we went to the "same" party as last year, but similar only in the fact that it was thrown by the same people. This time the house was crazy, right on the bay, it was fully catered with awesome food by this chef that eazy-e knew, there were bottles of champagne for everyone at midnight with huge plasma screens showing the times square celebration. Very fun. The music totally sucked, but we're groovies, so what can you do. Oh, and there were animals again this time, but not random ones like last year's lama but cool ones, like a crocodile in the pool (crazy!) And this beautiful baby leopard names francesca, she loved us.

We left there around one am and eazy-e dropped lindsay and I off at the shore club (they went home). That same door girl s* that I know from ny was working the door so she left us right in. We got a drink and walked around for about 45 minutes. The place was still packed but the crowd was kind of beat and we didn't ran into really anyone we knew (apart from tarek leaving red room) so we left around 2 and headed to mokai. We did not see your brother spinning at the shore club so we figured he was already there.

When we got there they said the fire marshal was there and they could not let anyone in. We ran into dj outside and they even giving him a major problem so lindsay and I just left. We ended up meeting a2 for a drink, I was wasted by this point and I don't remember details, but I do recall it being incredibly awkward. Him being incredibly awkward. I think you might be onto something with the creepiness factor. Hmm.

Then we (obviously) hit up jerry's deli for the most digusting meal of all time and got home at 6am. Whew.

The following night eazy -e and I convinced lindsay that we HAD to go to red room because it was the best party of the week. We got there on the early side, around 11 or 11:30, because we thought we would have a problem getting in, but s* was at the door again so thankfully it was a non-issue. It started packing out around midnight and your brother was spinning so we were grooving in the back. It was definately a good party again, but nothing compared to last year. Some celebs rolled in, but they were the tabloid fixtures like kristin cavallari and brody jenner or random peeps like adrien grenier, who btw, deserves an emmy for playing cool guy vincent chase on entourage because he is the biggest dweeb on the planet. I actually saw him pick up his leg and wiggle it in a completely serious attempt to dance with a crowd of cheesy, busted girls. A-listers like leo were nowhere in sight. Boo.
I'm sure the party went on all night but we got kind of over it and left by 1:3O, so needless to say we did not re-create the magic of last year, not that I actually thought that we would.

Now that the craziness of over we are just chilling out, maybe we'll see the truth one of these nights. As for right now I am quite enjoying my time by the pool, even though I am trying to occupy my time (do you know how long this took me to write on my blackberry?).

Well I hope you and charlie m'man enjoyed your new years, we wished you could have stayed. See you in a few days....

Dmoney is out.

Final Word: Looking forward to more crazy/overhyped nights in the meantime happy holidays y'all!

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