Friday, January 26, 2007

Fashion Week Kick Off…From the Horses’ Mouths

Today, WWD revealed the inspiration behind many of the designer’s upcoming Fall 2007 collections that will show during Fashion week starting next Friday. It’s game time! And I’m not referring to the Colts-Bears match that inconveniently conflicts with Phillip Lim. (Fashionistas like football too!)

Here are a few sound bytes from New York designers and our interpretation of what the hell they’re talking about:

-Rachel Roy: “The strength of femininity through strong lines, soft touches and restrained finishings.” I predict this means more of her 1940s cuts, big shoulders, tiny waists with enough sex appeal to satisfy her Rocawear husband Damon Dash. Very Dita Von Teese meets Kimora Lee Simmons is what I’m picturing.

-Alexander Wang: “The volume and richness of Eighties hip-hop references (Run DMC and Public Enemy) meets Seventies Parisian Chic (Bianca Jagger in le smoking).” Yes!!!!! When has a designer EVER referenced Public Enemy?? I am very intrigued to see what this will bring. Perhaps an answer to our previous Urban Girl post? Is Mr. Wang trying to bring Flava Flav’s clock chain back?? Only time will tell. Ha.

-Derek Lam: “I drive past the Frank Gehry building on the West Side Highway every day on the way to work, which has all the hallmarks of Gehry’s work: a perfect combination of fluidity and structure and beautiful asymmetry.” Derek Lam drives?? Who knew anyone in this town did let alone a fashion desiger, sculptural lines and a modern crisp color palette. Hopefully sweet and feminine has had its day.

-Prouenza Schouler: “The psychology of dress is explored through handmade Rorschachs that leave the idea of “central motif” up to the viewer. Layering of sheer, diaphanous layers paired with layers of tailored suitings propose an idea of fashion on more cerebral and less frivolous grounds.” Bravo. Not counting their painful feeling of self-importance (Psychology of dress? Please.) I always applaud the push for cerebral fashion over frivolity. Especially when I feel if I see another babydoll or trapeze dress I may cry. Very excited for this one.

Final Word: Sure this is all speculation, with designers you never know what they’re going to pull out of that magic couture hat, but based on these few tidbits I have a feeling that New York wants to wow us this season, and based on the last few collections we’ve seen stateside, I hope they do.


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Rafe Totengco said...

LOL! I'm so glad I'm not the only one who thinks all these 'inspirations' are funny to read and especially when ultimately you just want to see a cute outfit. I guess, the more obscure and vague the reference, the chicer and less frivolous the designers sounds. Ultimately, even if nobody really gets what they're saying, nobody will admit to it.