Thursday, March 19, 2009

That's Like, So Ten Years Ago

Us gals at The Blackberrie are celebrating all things 90’s this week. We’re whipping out our best Calvins, Keds and Scrunchies to celebrate N-Bizzle’s birthday tonight with a bash strictly dedicated to the decade of our youth.

But we’ve been so consumed with finding our mini-backpacks and figuring out how to feather our bangs that we nearly missed the obvious—the 90’s are back! Or at least it's starting among the fashionable set.

French fashion magazine Jalouse—one of our faves—has dedicated their entire April issue to the pre-millennium decade, while MTV is re-launching the Cindy Crawford classic, House of Style.

To elaborate on the latter, just released an exclusive interview with host Chanel Iman (Bar Rafaeli shares the duty).

When Teen Vogue asks the 19-year-old model if she watched the original she replies, “That was before my time. I was born in 1990! So no, not really.”

Now how old do you feel? Though upon further research, Chanel Iman was actually born in 1989. So if 19-year-old supermodels are lying about their age, how are we supposed to deal with reaching our mid (mid)-twenties?

Final Word: I would harp on that for a while, but I have matte mauve lipstick to locate. Outie.

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