Friday, March 06, 2009

Dree Hemingway: The Kin Also Rises

Copy-catting isn’t usually my steeze, but I must say that I was quite inspired by today’s WhoWhatWear “Girl of the Month” Dree Hemingway. As far as her beauty and style are concerned, they speak for themselves. So I guess I’m more into addressing her pedigree.

I don’t usually encourage the glorification of celebu-spawn, but a Hemingway is in quite a different category from Rumor Willis or the Geldof girls (not to discredit Live Aid, Bob).

Maybe it’s because I was just watching Woody’s Allen “Manhattan,” where her hauntingly beautiful 17-year-old mother Mariel co-stars as his under-aged girlfriend.

Also, there was a time in my life when I wanted to name my first daughter Brett Ashley, after her grandfather Ernest’s leading-lady in “The Sun Also Rises."

Lastly, I would answer several Proust questionnaire inquires with 1920’s expat Paris, Hemingway, Picasso, Fitzgerald. Not exactly Ashton and Demi, so you get the point.

But back to Dree. She is a model and we understand why (I am still trying to wrap my brain ahead the whole Lydia Hearst thing). Her beauty and style actually deserve recognition. And, she smiles! We love that. Also, did I mention she’s a Hemingway?

Final Word: With all of our digital living and faux-cyber socializing, I’m into any present-day remembrance of the Café Society. Or maybe I just like her plaid and her JBrands. Actually, hold that thought, I just got a BBM…

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