Friday, March 27, 2009

Go Ask Alex: Tribal

The Blackberrie is excited to announce that we’re expanding our team. We have a lot of amazing new projects in the works (you just wait) but our first official debut comes from our girl AWill with her soon-to-be reoccurring column, Go Ask Alex.

AWill is our resident web archaeologist. She’s excavated the cyber goodies to find you all diamonds in the rough. Each week she’ll take couture taste and match it to contemporary cash-flow. Let’s see what she’s dug up for her maiden mission:

Dear Alex: I am totally smitten over the tribal-inspired jewelry on Marc Jacob’s runway for Louis Vuitton’s Spring 2009, but I have yet to find anything that comes close at a decent price. Can you please recommend some pieces?
-Desperately Seeking Louis

Dear DSL: Since it’s my job to scour the market for our stylish readers, I have managed to dig up a few pieces that are definitely tribal-esque, but won’t break the bank.

Word of advice: as these are meant to be statement pieces, don’t pile on all my suggestions at once for fear of looking like a true warrior princess. One or two will suffice!

These red and black stone hoops are reminiscent of Cleopatra.

Paired with a white cotton dress, this black resin
necklace is so chic for summer.

wooden bangles smattered with coral and turquoise beads.

The crystal stone on this
wood cuff adds that cool shot of art-deco glam.

You don’t need King Tut’s treasure to keep it tribal this season. AWill's got you covered.

Final Word: When in doubt, Go Ask Alex, email inquiries to

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