Thursday, November 30, 2006

Lady In Red (Or Citrine and Amythest)

Yes the holidays are upon us and stores are selling out of ubiquitous glitzy gowns that shine and sparkle, but for the girl who wishes to beat to a different bass, there is the option to go matte in jewel tones such as scarlet, aubergine and emerald. This way she won’t be confused with the disco ball at Pink Elephant.

My personal picks? A sweet shift from Miu Miu that exudes peasant-chic in an unexpected urbane way, Marc Jacobs’ violet vision of a sexy slip or Development’s jade charmeuse camisole perfect paired with skinny black jeans.

Final Word: Whichever way you go, plan to wear your opaque Wolfords with those ankle booties…you wouldn’t want to make a slip a la Britney, Paris or Lindsay. Overexposure is and never will be au courant.

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