Thursday, December 07, 2006

Dakota Does Marc

Known for his rockabilly aesthetic coupled with grainy, voyeuristic ad campaigns shot by the slightly disturbing Juregen Teller, Marc Jacobs has constructed a public image famous for its hipster persona- paradoxically tied to a mainstream fashion customer. With muses like Sofia Coppola, Parker Posey and Meg White, these social outcasts were considered brilliant and beautiful by Mr. Jacobs. In his eyes, we yearned to dress like them. Suddenly we were in ballerina flats, opaque tights and baby dolls before you could say Mia Farrow mania.

So why has Mr. Jacobs set his sights on Miss Fanning, the sweetheart of America, for his Spring 2007 campaign? Perhaps he sees something beyond the fair-skinned, blue eyed “I Am Sam” outspoken little girl. In Marc’s eyes, and in Mr. Teller’s, she is an adult, a woman. Dressed in lace, minks and turbans, she is a sophisticate. Still animated as ever, we see a different Dakota beyond the kid genius that has made more movies than the years she’s been alive (12 to be exact), we see a girl that is chillingly not her age.

It’s not Jon Benet, but there remains something a bit creepy about the photos. Perhaps Mr. Teller wanted us to feel uncomfortable, as if we were peering into the life of a child with lost innocence. Or perhaps it’s just another cute girl selling clothes.

Final Word: Either way, Mr. Jacobs continues to push the envelope, makes us question conventions and always look for what’s new. They're right to say that Dakota is one smart cookie, she’ll be decked in Marc duds for life!


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