Friday, November 03, 2006

Paris Haute Spots - Black Calvados and Neo

If you happen to find yourself in Paris and if you happen to find yourself looking for the newest, chicest place to have a Kir Royale (or whatever your poison du jour), there two new boites that have all of Paris buzzing. After all, when something nouvelle opens in the City of Lights, it's quite the occasion.

Black Calvados (a.k.a. BC) - Tucked away on a quiet street in the 8th among the ultra-luxe hotels George V and Pershing Hall, this lounge-cum-club only accepts la creme de la creme. Lindsay and Fergie sauntered in last month and last weekend Lenny (Kravitz) and Lawrence (Fishburne) stopped in for a boisson. In fact I saw 2 very fashionable French girls denied before my eyes (pas moi bien sur!). Claustrophobics beware- this pint-size discotheque is walled with mirrors making you Alice in Wonderland...if Alice was an incredibly chic Parisienne with a penchant for hard liquor and table dancing. Tip: Be sure to book a table, since unless you like things below freezing in Siberia (the bar), this is a private party place.

Neo- The old Tangia in the 1st has gotten a brand new makeover. The infamous door brigade from Maison Blanche (think Bungalow 8 with a most severe French attitude. Quelle horreur!) have set up shop here where models and the men who love them flock to hear the Killers and Kelis while smoking cigarettes on banquettes. If ever you want to see the newest fashion trends, this is the place to take notes. It was here where I learned stockings are the new leggings. You heard it here first. The closest thing to a U.S. club, they even have kitschy glow in the dark stirrers - too bad the crowd's too chic to appreciate it.

Final Word: If you get in, we highly reccomend the grey goose and perries...otherwise known as the "bitch 'mince'".
BC, 40 avenue Pierre 1er de Serbie ; Neo, 23 rue du Ponthieu.

For more insider information on Paris check out our new favorite blog Eye Prefer Paris ( It's like The Blackberrie with a certain je ne sais quoi, tres chic!


Anonymous said...

any tips on how to get in?

Anonymous said...

dont bother the club sucks..filled with coke heads and anorexic jump offs go to VIP if u wanna party hard

johnny said...
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