Friday, July 14, 2006

Project Runway Returns

Project Runway is back with its third season, and it’s back with a diva-rific vengeance. After two successful seasons, we’re ready, aching, nay, begging for more. From Tim Gunn’s now iconic catch phrase “make it work” (the fashionista’s equivalence to “you’re fired”, sort of) to Michael Kors’ signature nasally voice and harsh criticism, these industry insiders have become household names.

But to what can we attribute Runway’s success? After all, the fashion industry, however intriguing with its mystifying pretension and ostentation, is quite small. Only a tiny percentage of cutthroat women and gay men are privy to such hardships of high fashion, what with its stitching, fitting, pricing, distributing, promoting. Very exciting, let me tell you. Truth be told, fashion ain’t that glamorous behind those glossy pages. So why the sudden obsession?

With Devil Wears Prada pummeling Superman Returns at the box office, I guess the world is finally interested in what goes on behind closed closet doors. Maybe we just have to know why a cap-sleeved capelet is much chicer than a cropped cardigan. Or maybe we just like drama.

And you don’t find more drama queens than in fashion. What I don’t understand is why these designers think they’re on American Idol. I guess there’s a reason we all remember loser Santino for his bitchy demeanor and outlandish looks rather than sleek and chic winner Chloe Dao (Chloe who?). Exactly. Sorry Miss Dao, however stylish your designs, there’s only room for 1 Chloe in the industry and that’s the one who churns out it-bags like it’s their job. Oh wait, it is.

But let’s be real. As “real” as this show tries to be, odds are all these would-be designers’ screaming, crying, temper tantruming will be for nothing. Sorry to crush dreams, I’m just being honest. Just like in its sister-show America’s Top Model, the winners spiral to success in an alter-universe that has nothing to do with the real world. Where is this multi-million dollar deal with Cover Girl? Where is this so-called super chic line by Banana Republic? But I guess that’s not the point, it’s show business, and there’s nothing real about that.

Final Word: Who will be this season’s winners and losers? Here are my predictions for P.R. Season 3:

Winner: Michael Knight, 28, from ATL (Love love love his smooth look and voice. Plus he’s talented!)
Villain: Keith Michael (Talented, a possible second runner-up, but a diva and clearly trying to channel Santino.)
Completely Untalented, There for Show, Drama Queen: Vincent Libretti (I’m sorry, but what was that hat.)

Project Runway on Bravo, 10pm, Wednesdays.


Eazy-E said...

Loved your post, biz! I was just thinking before I read it that someone needs to post about project runway, its my obsession. Love it. I've followed all three seasons... And I also just got done with a 45 minute convo with my co-workers on season three, then read your post, it was so timely! BTW- totally met Jeffrey from LA who designs the line Costa Nostra... Its actually super cool line of goth/grunge fitted cropped leather jackets.. We
bought them for Oxygene back in February and we will also carry in
Alchemist! I'm rooting for him even though his ep 1 challenge was not great.I think he'll pull through later in the season. And what's up with that guy with the phony English accent? I hate him. And weird hat guy is on the verge of a mental breakdown. He's totally crazy.

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