Thursday, July 27, 2006

Nectar of the Gods

I was out the other night with my girlfriend (sales assistant at Christie’s) at the Spotted Pig in the West Village and she ordered a drink I never heard of:

The Skinny Bitch.

Understandably, the bartender looked at her like she was crazy (probably since there were plenty to pick from in front of the bar), but my friend coolly replied, “You know, Grey Goose, club soda and lots of limes.”

But of course. Why hadn’t I thought of this before? It’s the perfect name for the perfect drink. To be honest, I don’t know where I’d be without the skinny bitch.

We’ve all heard the horror stories of what alcohol does to a girl’s figure. Perhaps that’s why curvy divas like J.Lo, Beyonce and Mariah abstain from the stuff completely. But for social girls like us, that’s not really an option. So what to do?

Skinny Bitch. It’s simple as that. No more worrying the bartender will misunderstand and give you tonic instead of soda and no more weird looks from your male compatriots. And the real plus? It’s actually delicious.

So there you have it. Bartenders are still catching on to this new craze so don’t be shy to pass the word on.

Final Word: Feel free to try variations of the drink. Enjoy!

-Skinny Rich Bitch (Substitute Belvedere for Grey Goose)
-Skinny Sorority Bitch (Skinny Bitch with a splash of grapefruit)
-Skinny Serious Bitch (Hold the limes)
-Skinny Scary Bitch (Hold the limes and the soda.)


Jack Shankman said...

what is a fat person orders the skinny scary bitch and slams it down in one sick gulp...does it become the "i have problems"? what would we call it?

DMoney said...

we've been drinking that for someone coined it before we got to it

or maybe they named it after us...

but then they would have to call it used-to-be-skinny-before-we-started-binge-drinking bitch

nah, i'll just keep it to grey goose and soda

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