Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Fall Fever

I might be the only crazy person in New York City to shop for a fall/winter wardrobe when it’s 100 degrees outside, or I may be crazy smart.

Last weekend, in the blistering sun and oppressive humidity, while my girlfriends were splashing about in their Southampton pools and my guy friends were catching rays by the East River, I aimlessly wandered the empty Soho streets (save a couple hundred tourists) for home décor ideas. For some reason Greene street just was not appealing with its ubiquitous Zen-inspired living rooms and Phillip Starck lighting. Instead I decided to go into Intermix to make something of my $100 gift card. Bad idea. (At least for my plastic.)

Repelled by the sales racks infested by teenage girls tearing apart Ella Moss tops and Chloe platforms, I was hypnotically drawn to the much more deserted rack of the first delivery of fall fashion like an insect to a glowing light. There the garments hung, crisp, cold and dark. Just the way I like them. Still, the thought of trying on the heavy knits was a tad too frightening so I settled on a pair of charming wool leggings that I knew were destined to be my fall staple.

“Am I crazy?” I wondered aloud to the sales girl? By the look on her face, I’m sure I was. Or maybe it was because I tried on a thousand outfits and settled on just leggings. But leaving the store I felt empowered, nay genius for getting a head start of those other girls I left at frenzy over half-off Matthew Williamson they will never wear.

Next stop, Miu Miu. I was on a roll. I stood skeptically in front of the fall-filled windows, contemplating whether I should even walk in. Cut to me leaving with black suede platform rounded pumps, a bubble-sleeved knit sweater and almost a pair of black cigarette pants if the considerate salesman had not dissuaded me (his name’s Alfonso ladies, honesty is rare in this business). The point is that Alfonso told me all aforementioned pieces were almost out of stock! Who are these women buying all this sh-t?? I mean, I guess I’m one of them, but I still consider myself crazy. Or am I?

The truth is, come this September when everyone will be scrounging to score that perfect shoe or perfect sweater but only to find size 36s on the rack, I shall sit on my contented bubble skirted butt, knowing that I need not fight the masses to stay ahead. Timing is everything ladies.

Final Word: The most important way to stay ahead of the pack is to know exactly what fall’s key pieces you want. So do your research or see my picks of the pack:

1. Shoe – Platform Ankle Bootie by Balenciaga or Prouenza Schouler
2. Jacket – Cropped Military Style by Phillip Lim or Burberry Prorsum
3. Accessory – Wool hat, gloves, leg warmers all by Marc Jacobs
4. Bag – Rive Gauche by YSL or Rebel by Dior
5. Skirt - Mini mini by Chanel (who else)


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BabsieD said...

Aren't spam comments so much fun? Bain of my existence.

Anyway, I'm late on this one, but I think we had the exact same weekend, except I was one of the few hundred tourists you mention. I was the one debating in the basement of Kirna Zabete for an hour if the spring Proenza Schouler suit I was lusting after really could be carried off with black leggings and Chloe Camisoco booties. Answer: it could. But I didn't buy it and I'm still kicking myself.

Anyway, I thought I was the only one trying on cashmere that weekend. And agreed on the hordes digging through the Intermix sale racks (I found the best Intermix outpost in my neck of the woods, allowing me to be totally judgemental of those buying out of season!)