Tuesday, April 28, 2009

BB Exclusive: First Look At May 14th Matthew Williamson for H&M

We already know that the initial delivery of Matthew Williamson for H&M sold out in about .2 seconds last week. We also know that the actual launch party happens tonight and the buzz around it is about equivalent to that of the collection. But don’t let either of these items lead you to believe that MW4HM is yesterday’s news. In reality, it is quite the contrary—the best is yet to come.

If effort to temporarily beat the heat this past weekend, we serendipitously stumbled upon—or were granted—a super sneak-peak at the yet-to-be-released May 14th H&M delivery.

Last week the fashion rags reported ga-ga gals cashing their unemployment checks and getting fired from their jobs to get their hands on the first delivery, now they’re going to wish they had held out for round two (apart from also wishing they had not spent their unemployment checks and gotten fired from their jobs, but that’s a separate issue).

Where plenty of peacock prints and Daria-dominated ad campaigns defined the first delivery, the May 14th collection capitalizes on what Matthew does best; vibrant prints and beautiful embellishments. From encrusted leather vests to floor-length tunics and tiered embellished gowns, this collection looks like it hailed from London Fashion Week, not 59th & 5th.

In fact, many of the resemblances to the actual Spring 09 runway collection are quite uncanny. And when priced from $125-$250, you can totally understand girls wanting to spend their last dime. They should have just saved a nickel for what is still to come.

Final Word: Don’t mind my ghetto pics seen here. It looks awesome in person and you’re going to want it all. In fact, it might not be a bad idea to get on line now.


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