Thursday, April 16, 2009

For All The 'Fellas

As much as I hate to admit it, I can honestly say that giving someone the once over has become second nature to me. I’ve come a long way in my attempt not to pass judgment based solely on how someone dresses (I’ve been known to roll out of bed and into the office on more than one occasion), but, for guys, there’s still one faux pas I just can’t forgive: bad shoes.

Too often, I’ll come across what seems to be a well-dressed guy only to glance downward and see the cuff of his pants hitting what I imagine is a cobbler’s worst nightmare: a pair of boxy, square-toed leather things with a heel that may or may not double as a hockey puck.

The extent of a man’s wardrobe can only reach so far, for we all have the same basic items to choose from that essentially boil down to a shirt and pants (I know many of us will go on to elaborate on these basics, but as this post is about what’s on the feet, I digress). Any old Joe can pair a button-down shirt with some tailored jeans, but to me what truly separates the Joe Shmoes from the Joe Jonases are what he chooses to step out of the closet in, literally.

Overcome by fantasies of warmer weather approaching, I recently stumbled upon the perfect pair of kicks to enhance any guy's burgeoning summer wardrobe: The Ace Hotel Palm Springs Shoe, a limited edition style born from the collaborative efforts of the Ace Hotel, LA art mag Arkitip, and NYC-based shoe label Generic Man. Nothing says summer-cool like a pair of fresh white sneakers, and the Ace Hotel shoe's eye-catching perforated body not only gives it instant street style, but also functions practically by giving your little piggies a chance to breathe. And at only $85, these will hardly break the bank, leaving you with plenty of funds to still cover your summer share.

Final Word: Gentlemen, take your style a step in the right direction this summer by treating your feet to these sweet sneaks, which you can pre-order now at

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