Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The (un)Fashionable Man

Sweater vest? Check. $300 jeans? Check. Tweed jacket and slanted fedora? Check, check.

The wardrobe of today’s urban male is as predictable as Sanjaya’s vocal performance on American Idol. These days, guys have 2 choices: Dapper Dan or Hip Hop Harry. Thanks to style icons (or rather their stylists) Justin Timberlake and Pharell Williams…men have uniforms for each tendency. But just as these celebrities’ styles have become tired, seeing it on the streets is almost unbearable. Truth be told, if I see one more lower east sider with a printed handkerchief worn around his neck with a brand new fitted Braves hat, I may hurl my Momofuku noodles..like the last guy I saw in that look, I think he was 9.

It seems that men (the American sort) simply do not know how to dress without plagiarizing the pages of GQ, Details or Justin Timberlake’s latest video. It’s sad really. Especially when you see that their Parisan counterparts (who look no older than their early 20s in pics) have a fresh sense of fashion and innate style that retains its masculinity and simultaneously rivals a majority of girls in NYC.

I’m not saying guys should start emulating David Beckham, but a little ingenuity would be nice. Especially when we girls make such an effort. Perhaps Mr. Gwen Stefani provides an ideal example, mixing streetwear and fashion in perfect proportion.

Final Word: With stores like Nom de Guerre, Reed Space and Dave’s Quality Meats churning out the same kicks, chains and clothing they've been for years, the future of menswear looks bleak…that is until Tom Ford reveals his homme-inspired line later this Spring. Come on Tom, show us what you got. (Photos Courtesy of ELLE.com)


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