Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Jeans on Notice

Don’t fret; I’m not going to talk about yet another trendy denim brand, just the best one. Notify jeans are quickly becoming the go-to brand of highbrow designers and fashion insiders worldwide for straightforward, fabulously fitting jeans.

This coming season designer bigwigs Stella McCartney and Karl Lagerfeld are respectively teaming up with Paris-based denim label for their signature jean collections.

But there’s nothing new about Notify. In fact, I’ve often seen these jeans humbly hanging in some of my favorite boutiques but never gave them a try. Why? Perhaps the concept of trying “another” pair of jeans was daunting or perhaps I’m just too obsessed with J Brands right now to think about another label. (I have been toying with idea of going flare, but after retesting my ultra-ripped True Religions I had a horrifying awakening of my public image just a year ago.)

Still, with enough jeans to sustain a ranch in New Mexico, my next step is to scoop up a pair of Notifys. You truly cannot go wrong with these trousers. They are straight cut, tailored and classic- perhaps the perfect solution to an inundated market of skinny and stovepipe jeans.

Final Word: If Karl and Stella choose them as their best denim, it’s time I do the same for my wardrobe’s sake. After all, a girl never has enough jeans. Available at Ludivine, NYC or

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