Thursday, April 06, 2006

Los Angeles Confidential

Ok, so we’ve been slacking a bit lately. We realize that. But those pesky little day jobs of ours have been a bit ruthless. Without running the risk of career-induced exhaustion, we decided to take a vacation. A little “spring break” if you will.

Yes, we are well out of college and hold full-time jobs, but that didn’t seem like reason enough to abandon a little mid-April getaway. As a result, for the next few days, The Blackberrie will morph into a blog about “fashion, culture and society” in Los Angeles—or at least, the spec of which exists out here.

The following is an introductory list of sights and sounds unique to the City of Angels. Each has individually heightened our appreciation for life on the East Coast.

*The K-Fed clone on our flight this morning. He was audibly reciting lines from a highlighted script. I prayed he would sit next to me. Thought maybe we could toss around a few lines. I didn’t get so lucky.

*A radio commercial for a plastic surgeon referring to breast augmentation surgery as “augs.” Since they perform so many in this town, I guess the last three syllables have become extraneous.

*The valet parker at Baja Fresh. Cher from “Clueless” taught us, “everywhere you go has valet.” But fast-food Mexican? Let’s be real.

*A man at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf reading “Sober But Stuck,” while shamelessly taking notes. Is there a vault in this town filled with lost souls?

*A yellow Hummer tricked out in Ed Hardy logos and auto-body tats. When the driver stepped out, he matched the whip perfectly. He proceeded to enter the coffee shop and immediately picked up a game of Backgammon.

Final Word: Fact is stranger than fiction my friends. More to come from the Paradise City.


Anonymous said...

The pacific ocean vomits on the shore and the locals call it a city. In reality, its a vile cesspool. You should probably feel right at home.

Cornel said...

Where have you ladies been? This week has been so long without you! L.A. has so many celebrities! I can't wait to hear about it!!!!

Anonymous said...

right coast > left coast