Friday, January 23, 2009

Soleful Dude

Kanye West is today's Renaissance Man. He raps, he sings, he blogs, he blings- and now he has reinvented himself as cobbler. Yesterday Mr. West launched a capsule collection of designer sneakers for Louis Vuitton in collaboration with Marc Jacobs. This mildly inspiring collaboration lacks the creativity and risk found in Mr. West's albums but is garnering equal buzz from fashion flacks nonetheless. It seems LV loves to prove its street cred constantly collaborating with hip hop honchos like N.E.R.D. frontman and beat impresario Pharrell Williams who designined a line of eyewear for the legendary French fashion house only a couple of years ago. What's next a line of LV rags designed by T.I.?

What's more annoying is Mr. West is no stranger to avant-garde fashion touting himself as the most stylish lyricist in the game. But the kicks themselves are not exactly ground-breaking. They pretty much resemble average Dunks dipped in red paint stamped with the obligatory LV logo making them more Canal Street than Avenue Montaigne (Pastries by the the Simmons daughters' have more flair.) To be honest I expect more from the man who claims his "first true love is fashion." C'mon Kanye if that's true this line of cliche kicks is heartbreaking.

Final Word: The Kanye West/Louis Vuitton capsule collection includes only 5 styles that hit stores in June.

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