Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Harajuku Lover

Although I missed the critically-acclaimed cultural epic Babel, I have witnessed the fashion frenzy surrounding its breakout star Rinko Kikuchi whose acting caught the eye of Brad Pitt but more notably, whose chic ensembles have been garnering praise from industry insiders and the like- one in particular, Karl Lagerfeld.

Miss Kikuchi, who does not speak much English, speaks style – fluently. The slight actress is a genius, if not in her supporting role performance, then in her calculated decision to wear only Chanel to all her press appearances (Read: Cotton candy confection at the Golden Globes, vampy sequin gown at the Oscars, and a snow white frock at a cocktail party in the Valley.) thus catching the eye of the man behind the leather gloves.

It worked. Kikuchi’s next role will be as muse for Mr. Lagerfeld in Chanel’s upcoming ad campaign for the 2008 cruise collection.

Final Word: Although Diane Kruger worked last season’s resort bags to the fullest, I’m looking forward to an edgier interpretation by the petite Japonaise. Now if only I had time to rent Babel…

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Model Citzen said...

serioulsy, you haven't seen babel yet? GET ON IT!!! it's so sood, but then again, i have yet to see little miss sunshine. how hot is that dress btw? love it.