Thursday, June 07, 2007

Don't be Silly, Call on Lily

As the summer season descends upon us, the New York club scene similarly descends upon Southampton.

Tenjune, Pink Elephant, Stereo “By The Shore,” there's pretty much something for any scenster.

But there's one thing this sub-scene fails to offer us: the convenience of New York City taxis safely taking our inebriated selves home.

There are cabs in the Hamptons, but no one really takes them. I mean, what would Pink Elephant be if club kids couldn't valet their parent's flashy cars up front? The parking lot is half the scene.

Now there's a brilliant new service that allows you make your entrance and make it home without a DUI: Lilybug.

Lilybug is a scooter service operating exclusively in the Hamptons. Simply call on Lilybug and one of their sober, scooter drivers will be happy to escort you home (or wherever you’re crashing).

The compact scooter folds up into a small, sealable bag measuring about 2 square feet. As the scooter slips into your trunk, the Lilybug driver will bring you, your car, and most likely your entourage, home safely.

Final Word: Lilybug, 866.678.LILY(5459). Store the digits now, thank me later.

1 comment:

L-DIGZ said...

I think all the Hamptons drunkards should call on Steve...The man will readily pick up anyone from Dune, Pink, and even the Drift And offer full Dip'n'Dots dessert packets for free...screw Lily, call on Steve