Monday, September 24, 2007

Something to Talk About: Gossip Girl

Yes, I may be 25-years-old. And yes, I do live in Manhattan and maintain a somewhat active social life. But that doesn’t mean I can’t long to live vicariously through scandalous Upper East Side prep school kids, does it?

I’m talking about Gossip Girl, the saucy new teenage drama that debuted last night on the CW. Brought to us by the people behind The O.C., creator Josh Schwartz has found another group of dreadfully good-looking, privileged, screwed-up teenagers to tap.

In the first episode alone we’ve already watched the main character getting busy with her best friend’s boyfriend, two 16-year-olds slamming martinis like a true addict at the Palace Hotel bar, pre-gaming with joints and champagne in the back of a limo, and as a cornerstone to televised teenage drama, a date-rape scene.

We especially love Blake Lively as main character Serena van der Woodsen, who has just returned from boarding school to reclaim her title as social queen bee and curb her hard partying ways (so far, not much luck with either). The actress achieves a perfect balance between the bitch you want to hate and the girl you want to be (well, if you were seventeen).

But we truly love the show because it’s real. Teenagers in this city are certainly like this, if not worse.

So now being in my mid (ouch!) twenties, we can posthumously thank Aaron Spelling for our addiction to all this adolescent angst-ridden glory. We’ve been hooked on this shit since we were ten, do you honest believe we’re going to give it up now? I would call it a guilty pleasure, but I don’t even feel guilty about it.

Final Word: Gossip Girl, every Wednesday at 9pm on the CW11.

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