Friday, July 27, 2007

Super Saturday All Week Long....

Tomorrow the tenth annual Super Saturday will take over the Noah’s Ark Project in Watermill. Presented by Donna Karan, this “designer garage sale” gathers an impressive list of designers, clothing and accessories companies all whom sell their goods to benefit the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund, Inc. (OCRF).

Last year the event raised over 2.4 million dollars and it continues to attract quite the roster of celebrities, socialites, fashionistas and Hamponites.

But for those not willing to fork over $600 for an admissions ticket (if you can even get one) or sit in hours of traffic on 27 (Polo is bound to clog it up too) there is now a way for everyone to get their hands on the same discounted designer duds and contribute to the cause.

This year, Bluefly has paired up with the event to organize the first ever Super Saturday Aftersale, allowing their online devotees to score the same designer merchandise at 30-50% off.

“Shoppers across the country can finally experience the same thrill and excitement as if they attended Super Saturday, while knowing everything they purchase will be instrumental in the fight against ovarian cancer,” says Bluefly President and CEO Melissa Payner.

Final Word: Hit the beach, skip the sale, and contribute to the cause free from heat-stroke and Patrick McMullan from your desktop on Monday.


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Rafe Totengco said...

I missed it this time but I had a great time last Summer. We donated bags and they were sold to the piece, or so I was told.

Gloria said...

designer garage sale? sounds amazing...