Tuesday, August 08, 2006

A Patented Design

For the longest time, I had exactly two absolutes when it came to shoes; no ankle straps, and no wedges.

Ankle straps create an unnecessary line, making your legs appear shorter. And wedges—put simply—were the anti-chic.

Something about so much density below the sole could never compare to a sleek, slim heel. I admired girls who wore them well, but that was never me.

That is, until now. I think Chloe may have created the perfect shoe.

This wedge defines chic.

The high-gloss black patent leather is absolutely irresistible against the dark wooden sole. The round-toe and elastic sling-back create a flattering, functional shape.

This shoe will take you from summer to fall, day to night, and apparently, wedge-hater to completely obsessed.

Final Word: They’ve already arrived in stores and are presumably walking out. But you know your size, order a pair online today.

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BabsieD said...

Steve Madden is also making a great knockoff for 99 smackers!