Thursday, July 13, 2006

Who Cut The Cheese?

Okay, okay so we already know that there is a major 80s movement in gear for fall fashion. We already adore Gucci’s entire collection with its flashy glam rock sex appeal because it’s a welcomed escape from all the sober and somber black. Then there’s stovepipe denim with a slight acid wash, which is also so on our radar. And of course we’re fully aware of the single most monumental comeback fashion has witnessed since the blue jean: Leggings.

Yes, I know, we all know the 80s are back. But what ever happened to the really groundbreaking, dare I say fads, that are the real representation of this decadent decade? I’m talking about all those cheesy trends we so easily forgot like shoulder pads and Members Only jackets. Well turns out we should all be rethinking that last item.

Yup, just when you thought you could easily predict the fashion lifecycle, stashing away your multi-colored logoed-to-the-luxe Louis bags and bejeweled caftans patiently awaiting their revival, the fickle fashion tides throw you a curve ball by way of the cult classic outerwear staple Members Only.

In the 80s these nylon-poly blend jackets were your ticket to the cool club, hence the name. You couldn’t stroll the mall, sipping on an Orange Julius, without one or you’d risk utter loserness. I mean everyone who was anyone rocked a Members, from Eddie Murphy to Andrew Dice Clay. But, like all fads, by the time your grandparents were wearing them they quickly became synonymous with the ubiquitous golf and tennis garb at Lake Buena Vista Country Club in Boca Raton, FL — hence their sudden blip off the face of the earth.

Luckily the savvy design team at MO has predicted how easily we forgive the fashionably unfortunate trends of seasons past. They’ve cleverly opened the time capsule, tweaked and updated, and brought us the coolest new must-have for fall 2006.

And so I ask, will you be a member? I know I will — as I patiently await a Sam & Libby reprisal — but that’s for a whole other post.

Final Word: You just might want to rethink putting the kibosh on your early 00's Juicy Couture tracksuits and Von Dutch trucker hats — they could easily make an unexpected comeback. But note, while they may be all the rage for your daughter in 2022, 40 year-old soccer moms in head-to-toe velour was so not cool the first time around.


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