Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Diddy’s Little Girl

Mark your calendars girls because today starts the official countdown to the celebration of the summer: Diddy’s 4th of July white party in the Hamptons. But as chic Manhattanites and a roster of alphabet list celebrities (yes, unfortunately even z-listers like Lizzy Grubman’s Power Girl assistants make it on the coveted guest list) prepare their monochrome head-to-toe garb, how will you stand out in the sea of colorless ubiquity? Follow the BB’s guide to the Do’s and Don’t’s of white summer fashion and you’ll be through the velvet ropes in no time.

1. Use Protection
Do start working on your tan today (whether you run over to Portofino after work or take your lunch break in the park) so you can achieve a natural golden complexion by the weekend.

Don’t layout the day of the party without layering on the SPF. You’ll fry your skin to a crispy hue of lobster red and not only will your derm be disappointed but more importantly, you’ll look like a candy cane — not exactly photo op material.

2. Make A Statement
Do paint your nails an unexpected hue like gothic vampy red — you’ll exude mysterious confidence in a very bad girl meets baroque-romantic sort of way. And besides everyone else already thought to go with the obvious French, so here’s your chance to stand out.

Don’t go wild with OPI colors that sound like pornographic movie titles — Skinny Dip’n In Lake Michg’n will only make you look cheap in an all white ensemble.

3. Get Inspired
Do reference a summer style icon like Brigitte Bardot for inspiration — her sixties bombshell hair conjures Cote d’Azure chic whether you opt for skimpy white shorts or a flirty A-line dress.

Don’t Tivo MTB3 for style tips — plush faux fur vests, hair extensions and knee-high cowboy boots circa J Lo ’02 won’t cut it for this summer soiree. Instead show love for Aubrey and gang by jamming to their tunes right beside them (if your lucky enough to snag a VIP access wristband.)

4. Be A Material Girl
Do layer on the lace — whether crochet, eyelet or Chantilly anything with texture will stand out against all the linen and Lycra.

Don’t wear your White Hot Heat NBA Championship t-shirt or jersey, although it might be tempting (Go Heat!) best to save that look for bedtime.

5. Completing The Look
Do pair off-white or (even black if you dare) accessories like a belt, clutch or shoes with your all white look. The slight color differential is enough to give you a rebellious edge, plus you’ll look so adorable the doorman will find it hard to scold you into rejection territory.

Don’t wear white leather knee-high boots a la fellow z-lister Victoria Gotti. A. It’s summer and B. It’s not the set of Austin Powers The Spy Who Shagged Me

Final Word: Blinged-out spinner necklaces aside, this is your time to shine, so don’t let conformity rule your all white summer look. Good luck at the door!


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