Thursday, March 09, 2006

Food For Thought

The oldest myth in skincare is chocolate equals bad skin. It’s practically a no-brainer, ingrained in our heads since adolescence — that is until now, thanks to Borba's clarifying anti-acne chocolate bar.

The indulgent treatment combines the science of skincare guru Scott Vincent Borba's nutraceutical concoctions with the culinary delights of Kristy Woo chef and co-owner of Jin Patisserie, the Zen-ified pastry boutique and tea garden based in Venice Beach, California.

The chocolate is infused with nutrient rich supplements like walnut husk, pomegranate, and green tea to help remove toxins and improve the skin’s clarity. The result is brighter, more radiant skin sans the occasional breakout. Perfect for, ahem, that certain time of the month.

Plus, recent studies have shown that dark chocolate has four times the amount of anti-oxidants found in green tea and is beneficial in lowering blood pressure and preventing heart disease. In other words, a dietary must.

Final Word: Genius! Because when was the last time you actually felt good about consuming an entire bar of chocolate?

$8 each, available exclusively at Nordstrom department stores in April

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